About Me

My name is Shahla . I have been teaching Anatomical Sciences  in Iran for about 18 years. I’ve completed Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Life Sciences, as well as B.Sc. in Biology. As a teacher with a long -term experience, I’ve  realized that the traditional teaching techniques are not sufficient any more ,so the impact of  technology  on education, pursues us to adapt ourselves  as educators to  these rapid changes in this field. I moved to BC with my family about 3 years ago.  I love teaching and working  in my professional background, so I decided to take a program which gives me a chance to achieve  in my career as an adult educator.  I believe It is a good opportunity for me to live in BC where a constructed  program entitled Provincial Instruction Diploma Program is existing. I hope by taking the PIDP courses and applying useful advice and  feedback from expert faculty of this program, I would be able to get an achievement on this journey through  this program






2 Responses to About Me

  1. sina says:

    ِDear Ms. Zahiri,
    I wish you great success in your carrier. You are very experienced and with your deep background in teaching methods in developing countries and combining them with new cutting edge methods you can develop a better structural plan for teaching.
    Best Regards
    Sina Sarikhani


  2. zahirsh says:

    Dear Sina,thank you very much indeed!


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