Gamification & Learning

Gamification is the concept of applying game-design elements  to drive game-like behavior in non-game settings to make them more fun and engaging. Already video games aimed at teaching health- sciences  including medical education are making their new ways into schools. These games do not replace lectures; instead they reinforce the curriculum in a way that is both interactive and entertaining.Games motivate people in ways that other activities often do not. Students continue playing games despite encountering obstacles, yet these same students may not demonstrate the same persistence in response to setbacks in studying.

Through games and other digital media, students experience opportunities for autonomy, competence and connection to others. Providing these same opportunities in the classroom acknowledges that these elements of games are part of the students’ reality, and that this reality affects who students are as learners.  Gamification effortlessly incorporates problem-based learning, student-centered learning and integrated teaching into the medical curriculum. Games impart to students a sense of competence, self-efficacy and mastery.

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The following link provides some interesting games for Nursing students, check this out;

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