Use of Mnemonics in learning

In some disciplines , student need to retain and recall the learning materials in their mind., so they need to learn some tips and use some tools to help them how they can do this. Mnemonics is an effective technique can help students  memorize the learning materials . In general, a mnemonic (from Greek mnemon or mindful; pronounced neh-MAHN-ik ) is a memory aid, such as an abbreviation, rhyme or mental image that helps to remember something. The technique of developing these remembering devices is called “mnemonics.” Mnemonics can be used to remember phone numbers, all your new department colleagues’ names or the years of the reigns of the Kings and Queens of England. A number of approaches are used.(

Two common types of mnemonics are :ACRONYMS & ACROSTICS

ACRONYMS  are made as single or compound words by putting the first letters of learning materials(Capital letter) beside each others

For example:Mnemonic for  colors of light is full name :  ROY G. BIV

R: Red, O: Orange, Y: Yellow, G: Green, B: Blue, I: Indigo, V:Violet

ACROSTICS are made as a form of sentence( Mostly Funny)

For example: The order of planets in Solar System:

My Very Educated Mother Served Us Nine Pizzas

M: Mercury, V: Venus, E: Earth, M: Mars, S: Saturn, U: Uranus, N: Nepto, P: Ploto

Check this out:







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