Application of ” Case discussion” to improve anatomy learning

“Case Study” or” Case Discussion” is known as one of the most attractive  instructional techniques which enhances the student engagement by extending students’ knowledge to real life . Anatomy is one of the most important basic courses for students in medicine and health related majors. Considering the volume and complex city of its content, educators in this discipline need to investigate and implement the techniques which improve students’ learning . The following research study shows that application of this technique for medical students will increase the learning outcomes by  enhancing the levels of students’ motivation and  engagement in the learning process.



Designing a new approach for learning gross anatomy to improve students’ motivation to study anatomy and to enable them to learn independently through case discussion.

Materials and Methods:

The study included newly registered students in the first academic year. The total number of students was 165, who were divided by alphabetical order into 15 groups of 11 students. Each group was led by one faculty member and each faculty member lead 3 groups. Each group met twice a week for 2 weeks to discuss one case related to the upper limb anatomy. Students took pre- and posttests and completed an opinion questionnaire about the case discussions.


The pretest score shows that 20% of the students received grades of 60% or above and that 80% received grades less than 60%. The posttest showed that 45% of the students received grades of 60% or above and that 55% received grades less than 60%. There was a significant difference between the pre- and posttest for grades <60% (P = 0.0000) and less significant for grades >60% (P = 0.0023). In addition, 17% of students achieved the same results (less than 60%) in both the pre- and posttests. The questionnaire revealed that all students stated that the discussion method was useful in their learning process, helped them to increase their motivation to study anatomy (85%), know the usefulness of studying anatomy (84%), and understand the problems (91%).


The implementation of the case discussion in teaching anatomy can increase the students’ understanding and motivate them to learn.

 link to full article:

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