Interactive Lecturing

Technically, there are various strategies in instructing the course  materials by  educators.  Of course, choosing the appropriate strategy is the most important part of instructor’s responsibilities.  I personally believe there are three main factors which need to be considered in this regard including: subject’s content nature,  class size, and teaching facilities . In terms of the subject’s nature, everybody knows  that  each discipline has certain  core content  and  specific cognitive domain. For instance, in biology , students need to learn the basic concepts of living organisms , from structure to function,then memorize and recall these basic  knowledge to upper levels of analyzing and applying.  Nobody can claims that the lower levels of Bloom’s taxonomy  are not important. Also the number of students in  class as well as the equipment or facilities that educators can benefit  from them in each educational institute are very crucial. One of the challenges that educators in the field of biology are faced to is that students get some kind of board when they hear a lot of unfamiliar names and particularly they  feel some kind of fear when they realize they need to be examined of  these huge number of unfamiliar words. So, as educators, we need to implement the techniques to maximize the students’ engagement in  these kind of  subjects. Fortunately, technology has helped us in this regard and several engaging platforms has created in recent years.  Top hat is one of the newest platforms which has introduced as an  interactive tool to enhance motivation and active learning. This tools works for all sized classrooms especially for large one. There is an introducing video , check this out!


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